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Скачать DPlot последнюю версию

Скачать DPlot последнюю версию


DPlot — программа для построения графиков, созданная для ученых, инженеров и студентов. Важной составной частью программы является наличие нескольких типов масштабирования, включая линейный, логарифмический и вероятностное масштабирование, а также несколько специальных графиков. В функции манипуляции входит FFT, фильтрация и сглаживание. Данные могут быть введены через файл, скопированы из буфера обмена, отправлены в DPlot из Excel с помощью Add-In или через динамичный обмен данными.

Key Features:
• Multiple scaling types, including linear, logarithmic, and probability scales on the X and/or Y axes. DPlot also provides several special purpose scale types, including grain size distribution plots, tripartite grids (shock spectra), polar charts, and triangle plots.
• Bar charts with bars drawn side-by-side or stacked.
• Box-and-whisker plots and dot graphs for one or more groups of 1D data.
• Multiple independent or dependent scales.
• Error bars with magnitudes set to a constant value, to a percentage of the amplitudes, or independently.
• Fill between 2 curves, fill the area formed by closing a curve, or fill from a curve to a specified Y value. Choose from seven pre-defined fill patterns or create a custom pattern.
• Contour plots of 3D data, shown as contour lines in a plan view of the XY plane or as shaded bands in a 3D projection. DPlot accepts both randomly-spaced 3D points and points on a rectangular grid. For rectangular grids only, DPlot can also produce a waterfall plot.
• 3D scatter plots, with up to 100 data sets and colors based on Z value or data set.
• Choose from 38 symbol styles and/or 7 line styles for your XY plots. You have full control over symbol size, line weight, and color.
• Choose from a variety of number formats for each axis. Date and time formats are customizable.
• Copy and/or link data from other sources (e.g. spreadsheets), or use our Excel Add-In to easily move data from Excel to DPlot.
• Copy and/or link DPlot-produced graphics to other applications.
• Add text notations to plots.
• Generate curves from formulas.
• Data manipulation functions include integration, differentiation, Fast Fourier Transform, filtering, data smoothing, and many other simpler editing functions.
• If you have several data records from the same high-speed event and want to play back those records in sync with each other. well, you can. Have a video associated with your data? Play the video back along with your data, synchronized at the data rate you specify.
• Interpolate between points, scan values of curves graphically, and report peak values.
• Include subscripts, superscripts, and characters from the Symbol font (Greek characters, trademark symbols, etc.) in the title lines and axis labels of your plots, as shown here.
• Plot very large data sets. The number of data points is limited only by the memory (both physical and virtual) on your system.
• Send data to and control DPlot from another program through the DPLOTLIB interface (available free-of-charge as a separate download. Example programs with source for Visual Basic, VB.NET, PowerBasic, 4 different C compilers and 5 different FORTRAN compilers are provided.
• You may create additional functionality with your own plugin modules for file import and data manipulation. Example C plugin source code is provided with the Plugin Examples.

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What’s New in This Release:
• Bug fix: The «fix» for Time of day (fractional days) number format in unfortunately broke all other formats on the Extents/Intervals/Size dialog.

Название: DPlot
Платформа: Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7
Размер: 10,39 МБ
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство: присутствует

Скачать DPlot последнюю версию

HydeSoft Computing DPlot v2.2.4.6

DPlot — программа для построения графиков, созданная для ученых, инженеров и студентов. Важной составной частью программы является наличие нескольких типов масштабирования, включая линейный, логарифмический и вероятностное масштабирование, а также несколько специальных графиков. В функции манипуляции входит FFT, фильтрация и сглаживание. Данные могут быть введены через файл, скопированы из буфера обмена, отправлены в DPlot из Excel с помощью Add-In или через динамичный обмен данными.

15 April, 2009

Made one simple change that makes version’s keyboard shortcuts for changing view angles on 3D views much more useful: In this release the document window background is not erased when updating the plot. Instead the previous view is retained until the new plot has been calculated/drawn to a bitmap, and that bitmap is then BLT’ed to the screen. So you can spin a 3D view around without a lot of annoying screen-flashing. For bar charts, scatter plots, wireframes and waterfall plots, if antialiasing is turned off you’ll now get a smooth animation using the arrow keys. (Surface plots are a bit sluggish because DPlot draws every individual pixel.)

Another change related to the view angle keyboard shortcuts: when making a series of changes using those keys, only the first keypress results in an Undo file being saved. So if, for example, you spin a plot through 50 degrees with 50 CTRL+←’s then click the Undo button once, the view angles will be restored to the values that existed before those 50 operations.

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Added ContourViewChange command, which changes the viewing azimuth and/or elevation angles for 3D views by the specified values in degrees.

A change in behavior for 3D bar charts: If "Borders" on the Contour Options dialog is unchecked, then bars will not be outlined in black. This change was made primarily for viewing bar charts at an elevation angle of 90 degrees (top-down) where the black lines might have overwhelmed the plot for more than a thousand or so data points.

DPlot does a much better job with saving high resolution images, particularly with plots for which the legend or a text note has been moved well outside the extents of the plot. If you elected to crop whitespace in the image, those text entries might have been cropped or left completely out of the image. In at least some cases attempting to save a high resolution image with text objects well to the left or above the plot might have resulted in a crash.

Improved placement of axis labels and numbers on 3D views. In previous versions the labels sometimes overlapped the numbers along the axes, and/or the numbers overlapped the corresponding axis.

Bug fix: When using "Symbol sizes in Z units" for 3D scatter plots, DPlot erroneously applied the Z scale factor to the symbol sizes twice. For very small scale factors this error might have caused an integer overflow and subsequent crash.

Bug fix: In many cases DPlot did not interpret column headings for 3D/4D data files correctly.

3DPlot — 3D math surfaces in AutoCAD

CADStudio 3DPlot is an AutoLISP utility for AutoCAD — it generates parametric 3D surfaces (polyline meshes) from mathematic expressions (functions, equations). You can use 3DPlot for educational purposes (math visualization) but also in the design area — e.g. for creation of attractive architectural features, interior design, product design, sconces, for art design, etc. See also 2DPlot for 2D curves.

The core application contains functionality required to generate 3D objects from results of math expressions of the type f(X,Y) — or even in a more general format [X,Y,Z] = f(U,V). You need to specify a user defined function for «f«, plus a definition interval of U and V values (starting value, end value, step size). Lower step size makes smoother but more complex models which take longer to generate.

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After loading 3DPlot you can generate the 3D graphical results simply by calling the LISP function:

(3DPlot functionName startU endU stepU startV endV stepV)

e.g. (see case 1 — Whitney�s umbrella; 20 steps):

(3DPlot fXY -1.0 1.0 (/ (- 1.0 -1.0) 20) -1.0 1.0 (/ (- 1.0 -1.0) 20))

The 3DPlot utility also contains 9 predefined functions (equations of 3D surfaces) to demo its features. Here is the list of them, including animated previews of their results (click to animate):

1) Whitney�s umbrella

Interesting 3D surface defined just by a simple equation. The math definition used for this function:

X=U*V, Y=U, Z=V^2 — in AutoLISP notation:

(defun fXY(u v)(list (* u v) u (* v v)))

2) Apple surface

A fancy apple-like shape. The math definition used for this function:

3) Kranz surface

A wild 3D surface with simple definition. The math definition used for this Kranz surface:

4) Enneper surface

Another pleasant 3D surface with simple definition. The math definition used for this Enneper surface:

This plot is invoked by:

Or a non-intersecting version of Enneper:

5) Rose

Quite complicated rose surface, generates 13.800 nodes (takes a while to generate!). Doesn’t look much «mathematically» but it is also just a math expression.

6) Heart surface

A 3D heart shape you might need (not just for Valentine). The math definition used for this function:

7) Boys surface

A very special surface — a non-orientable surface (after Bryant-Kusner). One-sides surface of a similar type as Klein’s bottle (a 3D version of M�ebius strip). Gives a Willmore immersion. More about Boy’s surfaces.

8) Henneberg surface

An attractive surface based on hyperbolic functions. Can be used in architecture and interior design.

Added more samples like Meader owl, Parametric sphere, Breather surface, Bohemian dome, Trefoil knot curve, Hyperbolic helicoid or Seashell.


Load the 3DPlot.vlx (or .LSP). If you want to just plot your own function, type or load its definion and call the (3DPlot) function with appropriate parameters. If successful, (3DPlot) returns the number of nodes created. Do not use too detailed (small) step values when testing surface shapes — the model complexity can grow quickly.

If you want to run the demo functions, start 3DPlot by typing the 3DPLOT command. Select the surface you want to generate by typing the respective number. Three progressbars («Calculating», «Assembling», «Meshing») inform you about the process of surface generation.

Use the 3DPfaces command to toggle between the Mesh and 3DFaces generation.

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3D Solids

The 3DPLOT-generated object type is a mesh POLYLINE (AcDbPolyFaceMesh). You can explode it to individual 3DFaces. Or you can smooth it (converting it to a SubD mesh — AcDbSubDMesh) with the MESHSMOOTH command and then smooth it more and more with repeated MESHSMOOTHMORE commands. You can also use the 3DPthicken command to thicken the mesh to a solid for SAT export, for printing it on a 3D printer (STL, stereolithography), or making a cardboard model with Autodesk 123D Make or with the newer Autodesk Slicer for Fusion 360. Or you can also use our 3DConstruct freeware utility to convert the generated surface to «thick wireframe» made of solids — see video. See also Anaglyph for 3D stereographic presentation of 3D models.

Here is the Enneper surface sample as a DWG and a STL model (142kB, scaled 10x) ready to print in 3D, or to import into 123D Make (see the picture), or to import into Inventor or Revit.

Color faces

You can use the freeware utility Normals (see Download) to automatically color front/back-faces of the model, improving its presentation. Please note you have to explode the 3D mesh to individual 3Dfaces to use Face recolor in Normals. A sample of Breather2 model colored through Normals:


You can also use the AutoClass utility (see Download) to color-classify other properties of 3Dfaces, e.g. Z of the centroid — see example (the DWG):


Your own functions:

If you want to use your own 3D functions in 3DPlot, you need to perform two operations: 1) define the function; 2) call the (3DPlot) function to draw it. E.g. if you want to draw a 3D surface defined by Z = sin (2 * x * y), use these two LISP «commands» (e.g. on the AutoCAD commandline):

The first one defines a function «myFunc» (needs to return a list of X Y Z coordinates). The second calls the plot engine for points in the interval (-1;1) in both dimensions, in steps of 0.1.

Another example — a simple parametric sphere (here: 20 steps in each range; watch for the normals, backfaces):

The M�bius strip in 3DPlot:

And a much more complicated example of a Breather surface employing locally defined hyperbolic functions for its parametrization expressions:

More sample models

See more models created with 3DPLOT in the CAD block library on CADforum:

3DPlot (VLX) is freeware. CAD Studio’s customers can download full source version of 3Dplot (.LSP) from the Helpdesk server.

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  • 1.5 — Added 3DPfaces and the option to create individual 3DFaces instead of a Mesh
  • 1.4 — Added Mollusc shell
  • 1.3 — Added 3Dseashell and Hyperbolic helicoid
  • 1.2 — Added more 3D surface samples
  • 1.1 — Added 3DPthicken command for polyfacemash->solid conversion
  • 1.0 — First release

Freeware License

3DPlot is a free utility by CAD Studio, do not publish it online on other than CADstudio’s web servers. Contact CAD Studio for feature enhancements.


A tool that lets you create graphs and handle 1, 2, 3, and 4-D data

  • Current rating: 4

DPlot screenshotDPlot is a software application which enable you to create high-quality graphs and use data from a wide range of sources. The program lets you create contours for 3-D and 4-D data, as well. The program comes with a wide variety of functions, such as logarithmic, linear, and probability scales on the X / Y axes. Moreover, the utility comes with a series of scale types for special purposes, such as tripartite grids, triangle plots, Mercator projection, distribution plots, polar charts, N1.85 hydraulic scales, and many other.

DPlot is able to contour plots of 3D data, which will be displayed as shaded bands in a 3D projection or as contour lines in a plane view. The application supports both points on a rectangular grid and randomly-spaced 3D points. the application is also able to create a 3D bar chart, a waterfall plot, or a simple wireframe mesh.

DPlot provides more than 40 symbol styles and 7 line styles that can be used in your XY plots. The program gives you full control over the line weight, symbol size, and color. Moreover, besides the 40 integrated graphic symbols, the application enables you to use any character from the Wingdings fonts found inside Windows OS.

  • Provides more than 40 symbol styles and 7 line styles.
  • The program comes with a wide variety of functions and features.
  • The application is not aimed at inexperienced users.
  • The Help files could be more detailed.
DeveloperHydeSoft Computing, LLC | see all products from this developer
Product HomepageDPlot
LicenseFree to try (Shareware)
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