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Скачать Hide My IP 6.0.515

Hide My IP 6.0.515

Hiding your real IP address is a popular procedure that requires the use of specialized software. Programs for hiding IP are very often used to ensure complete anonymity on the Internet, as well as to visit sites that, for example, have been blocked on the territory of a party. One of these programs is Hide My IP.

Hide My IP is a utility for hiding the IP address by connecting to a proxy server, which supports such popular browsers as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Large selection of proxy servers

In the extension menu, you will have access to a fairly wide list of IP addresses of different countries. To activate the selected proxy server, just click on the toggle switch to the right of the country name.

Browser add-on

Unlike most programs for hiding your IP, for example, Platinum Hide IP, this utility is a browser add-on implemented for such popular web browsers as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is worth giving credit to the fact that the add-ons are located in the official browser stores, which means that they are fully tested for security.

High speed of work

According to the developers, unlike most similar VPN programs, Hide My IP does not slow down the Internet speed, but, on the contrary, gives a certain increase.

Adding your own proxy servers

If necessary, add your own proxy servers if you don't trust the servers provided by Hide My IP developers.

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1. There is support for the Russian language;

2. The simplest interface with a minimum of settings.


1. The program works by subscription, but the user has two days to evaluate the capabilities of this tool;

2. To get started, the add-on requires registration.

Hide My IP is one of the most minimalistic solutions to hide your real IP address. The very minimum of settings is provided here, which, in fact, is the main feature of this utility.

Download trial version of Hide My IP

Download the latest version of the program from the official website

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Hide My IP

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